Tuesday 7 April 2020

Haymisha Bakery, motzaei Pesach orders

Haymisha Bakery is offering a 
TXT and COLLECT service on Motzaei pesach 
Pls txt 0425831944 
10 minutes before you would like  to collect your order (with details of your order and number plate details )
Park in back parking lot on Westbury street 
Txt once you have arrived and your order will be bought out to your car
 (Local Delivery also available upon request. $7 delivery fee under $30 Times  canot be specified for deliveries although you can txt for approx update of time.)
The shopfront will also be open Motzaei pesach 
4 ppl allowed in at a time 

Bagels- $1.00 each 
knot rolls-$1.00 each 
Onion rolls-$1.00 each 
Flour and yeast also available