Sunday 28 February 2021

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Employment: Mama Falafel

Need shomer Shabbat workers urgent for tomorrow and going forward 
Anyone who can fulfil this roll please email

BDE: Erna Seifman ע''ה

Boruch Dayan HoEmess

With deep sorrow we announce the passing of

Mrs Erna Seifman A'H

The levaiah will he held in Israel.

Mother of
Robert Seifman 
Susanne Avigdor (New Haven, Connecticut)

Mr Robert Seifman will be sitting Shiva in Sydney. He can be contacted for messages of Nichum Avielim on or 0412 775 151.


Pre Pesach Sheitel Sale

This Thursday the 4th of March from 10-2 pm and 7:30-10 Pm is a Pre Pesach Sheitel Sale !! 
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SCHC - Preventing Men's Violence Against Women

South Caulfield Hebrew Congregation - Preventing Men's Violence Against Women 
Join South Caulfield Shule for this most important talk addressing a very terrible aspect of our society today. Brad Chilcott, ED of White Ribbon Australia will talk to us about his work and what we can do to put an end to violence against women. Rabbi Daniel Rabin will also share some insights about how this impacts this Jewish community.
Tuesday 02 March 2021 at 8pm
Online event:

Thursday 25 February 2021

Shabbos Tzetl: Tetzaveh

6:46pm - early candle lighting
7:46pm - Candle Lighting, Friday.
8:43pm - Havdalah, Saturday.
These times are for Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
Eruv Status: TBA
Shabbat Shalom! 
A freilichen Purim!🎭😷


Please click here to view the Yeshivah Shule Tzetel for Shabbos Parshas Tetzaveh.

Please click here to view the PDFs of the Weekly Publications distributed in Shule each Shabbos.

Exodus 27:20–30:10

G‑d tells Moses to receive from the children of Israel pure olive oil to feed the "everlasting flame" of the menorah, which Aaron is to kindle each day, "from evening till morning."

The priestly garments, to be worn by the kohanim (priests) while serving in the Sanctuary, are described. All kohanim wore: 1) the ketonet—a full-length linen tunic; 2) michnasayim—linen breeches; 3) mitznefet or migba'at—a linen turban; 4) avnet—a long sash wound above the waist.

In addition, the kohen gadol (high priest) wore: 5) the efod—an apron-like garment made of blue-, purple- and red-dyed wool, linen and gold thread; 6) the choshen—a breastplate containing twelve precious stones inscribed with the names of the twelve tribes of Israel; 7) the me'il—a cloak of blue wool, with gold bells and decorative pomegranates on its hem; 8) the tzitz—a golden plate worn on the forehead, bearing the inscription "Holy to G‑d."

Tetzaveh also includes G‑d's detailed instructions for the seven-day initiation of Aaron and his four sons—Nadav, Avihu, Elazar and Itamar—into the priesthood, and for the making of the golden altar, on which the ketoret (incense) was burned.

Ezekiel 43:10-27.

In this week's haftorah, the prophet Ezekiel describes a vision of the altar that will be built for the third Holy Temple and its dedication ceremony—paralleling this week's Torah portion which discusses the dedication of the Tabernacle's altar.

Shortly after the destruction of the first Temple, Ezekiel experienced a vision of the third Holy Temple that will be built by the Messiah. G‑d tells Ezekiel to recount to the Jewish people this vision, and this hopefully will bring them to be ashamed of the deeds they did that caused the destruction of the Temple. "And if they are ashamed of all that they have done, let them know the form of the House and its scheme, its exits and its entrances, and all its forms, and all its laws and all its teachings..."

Ezekiel then goes on to describe in detail the third Temple's altar, and also describes its seven-day inauguration ceremony and the offerings which will be brought on each day of that special week.


And you shall command . . . (27:20)

Tetzaveh is the only Parshah in the Torah since Moses' birth in which Moses' name does not appear (with the exception of the book of Deuteronomy, which consists mostly of a first-person narrative spoken by Moses). The reason for this is that [when the people of Israel sinned with the golden calf,] Moses said to G‑d: "If You do not [forgive them], erase me from the book that You have written" (Exodus 32:31). This was realized in the Parshah of Tetzaveh, since the censure of a righteous person, even if made conditional on an unfulfilled stipulation, always has some effect.

(Baal HaTurim)

While Moses' name does not appear in the Parshah of Tetzaveh, Moses himself is very much present: the entire Parshah consists of G‑d's words to Moses! Indeed, the Parshah's first word is ve'atah, "and you"—the "you" being the person of Moses.

Indeed, the word "you" connotes its subject's very self, while a person's name is a more superficial "handle" on his personality. This means that Moses is more present in our Parshah—that is, present in a deeper, more essential way—than any mention of his name could possibly express.

This is fully in keeping with the Baal HaTurim's explanation (cited above). Because Moses was prepared to forgo mention of his name in the Torah for the sake of his people, he merited that his quintessential self—the level of self that cannot be captured by any name or designation—be eternalized by the Torah. It is this level of Moses' self that is expressed by his "nameless" presence in the Parshah of Tetzaveh.

(The Lubavitcher Rebbe)



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    Purim - Kollel Birthday Appeal


    Celebrating 42 Years of Kollel

    On Purim 1979 Kollel Menachem Lubavitch was established as per the Directive of the Lubavitcher Rebbe with a mission; "To conquer Australia through Limud Hatorah" 

    Over the past 42 years the Kollel Rabbis have shared over 460,280 hours of Torah with members of our local Jewish community.  It would take one person over 50 years of 24 hour study to reach this total.  

    42 years later we continue to see the tangible benefits of the Kollel and its activities, including the bolstering of our community with over 150 Kollel couples settling here. Many of them continue to contribute to our community in many positions of Rabbinic leadership and Chinuch.

    Celebrate 42 years of Torah study with us and help us raise funds to continue the spreading of Torah and Chassidus in our Kehilla and actualise the Rebbe's vision.

    Purim is an especially auspicious time for giving:

    כל הפושט יד נותנים לו

    As we know, "anyone who asks us on this day, must be given".


    Or via bank transfer to

    Rabbi Groner Foundation 

    BSB 033169

    Account # 469761

    All donations tax deductible 

    A Freilachen Purim!

    Kollel Menachem Lubavitch


    Wednesday 24 February 2021

    Purim Tzetl 2021/5781

    Ta'anit Esther 
    5:33am - Fast Begins, Thursday.
    8:33pm - Fast Ends, Thursday.
    These times are for Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

    All Purim activities advertised on Emmanuel's this year..
    Purim Sameach!😷🎭


    A fast is observed Thursday by all adults (i.e., over bar or bat mitzvah age) in commemoration of the three-day fast called at Esther's behest before she risked her life to appear unsummoned before King Achashveirosh to save the Jewish people from Haman's evil decree (as related in the Book of Esther, chapter 4). The fast also commemorates Esther's fasting on the 13th of Adar, as the Jews fought their enemies (see "Today in Jewish History"). No food or drink is partaken of from daybreak to nightfall. Pregnant or nursing women or people in ill health are exempted from fasting.

    The Fast of Esther: What, Why and How
    Why Is It Called the Fast of Esther?

    In commemoration of the half shekel contributed by each Jew to the Holy Temple -- and which the Talmud credits as having counteracted the 10,000 silver coins Haman gave to King Ahasuerus to obtain the royal decree calling for the extermination of the Jewish people -- it is customary to give three coins in "half denomination" (e.g., the half-dollar coins) to charity on the afternoon of the Fast of Esther. (In many synagogues, plates are set out with silver half-dollars, so that all could purchase them to use in observance of this custom).

    Parshat Shekalim
    The Mystical Significance of the Half-Shekel
    Why Give Half-Shekels to Charity on Taanit Esther?

    The festival of Purim begins at nightfall Thursday, and the Megillah (Book of Esther) is read for the first time that evening. See entries for , Adar 14. (Except for Jerusalem and other ancient walled cities, where the festival is observed beginning tomorrow night--see entries for Adar 15.)


    Laws and Customs

    Purim observances include:

    a) Reading of the Megillah (Book of Esther), which recounts the story of the Purim miracle.

    b) Giving to the poor (gifts of money should be given to at least two poor people).

    c) Sending gifts of food to friends (a minimum of two read-to-eat foods to at least one friend).

    d) The Purim feast.

    e) Reciting the Al Hanissim prayer.

    Customs include dressing up in disguising costumes and the traditional Purim food, the hamantash. For more detailed information, see links below.

    When Purim falls on Friday -- as it does this year -- all of the above should be done before Shabbat begins, 18 minutes before sunset.

    Purim 5781 
    by Rabbi Shmuel Lesches, Young Yeshivah
    Please click here ( for a Halacha Guide relevant to Parshas Zachor, Taanis Esther and Purim. There are a number of variations when Purim coincides with Erev Shabbos


    Exodus 17:8-16
    On Purim we celebrate our deliverance from the death decree issued by the Persian prime minister Haman, who was of Amalekite ancestry.

    The brief Purim morning Torah reading recounts the original battle between Amalek and the Israelites, waged in the Sinai Desert nearly a millennium before the Purim events.

    The Israelites arrive in Rephidim, and are attacked by the Amalekites. Moses charges Joshua to raise an army. On the following day, Joshua led the Israelites into battle, while Moses, Aaron and Hur went to an adjacent hilltop and prayed.

    When Moses' arms were raised in prayer, the Israelites would prevail; when he would lower his hands, Amalek prevailed. Aaron and Hur supported Moses' arms until the Israelites defeated their foe.

    G‑d commanded Moses to inscribe the story of Amalek's unprovoked attack in a book. "I will surely obliterate the memory of Amalek from beneath the heavens," G‑d said.


    ...Because they tested G‑d, saying: "Is G‑d among us, or not?" Then came Amalek, and waged war with Israel in Rephidim (17:7-8)

    After all that they had seen G‑d do on their behalf — the Ten Plagues brought upon Egypt to free them, the splitting of the sea, the "bread from heaven" that descended each morning to nourish them — how could the people of Israel possibly question, "Is G‑d amongst us or not"?

    But such is the nature of doubt. There is doubt that is based on a rational query. There is doubt that rises from the doubter's subjective motives and desires. But then there is doubt pure and simple: doubt that neutralizes the most compelling evidence and the most inspiring experience with nothing more than a cynical shrug.

    Amalek is the essence of doubt, of irrational challenge to truth. (Thus the Hebrew word Amalek has a numerical value of 240 — the same as the word safek, "doubt"). Because the people of Israel had succumbed to the Amalek within their own souls, they became vulnerable to attack by Amalek the nation.

    (The Chassidic Masters)

    What is the incident (of Amalek) comparable to? To a boiling tub of water which no creature was able to enter. Along came one evil-doer and jumped into it. Although he was burned, he cooled it for the others.

    So, too, when Israel came out of Egypt, and G‑d split the sea before them and drowned the Egyptians within it, the fear of Israel fell upon all the nations. But when Amalek came and challenged them, although he received his due from them, he cooled the awe of the nations of the world for them.

    (Midrash Tanchuma)

    It came to pass, when Moses held up his hand, that Israel prevailed; and when he let down his hand, Amalek prevailed (17:11)

    Did then the hands of Moses wage war or break war? Not so; but so long as Israel looked upwards and subjected their hearts to their Father in Heaven, they prevailed; and when they did not, they fell.

    (Talmud, Rosh Hashanah 29a)


      Moses was born on the 7th of Adar of the year 2368 from creation (1393 BCE); accordingly, Adar 14 was the 8th day of his life and the day on which he was circumcised in accordance with the Divine command to Abraham.

      The festival of Purim celebrates the salvation of the Jewish people from Haman's plot "to destroy, kill and annihilate all the Jews, young and old, infants and women, in a single day."

      The events of Purim extended over a period of several years, culminating in the victory celebrations of Adar 14-15 of 356 BCE. Below is a timeline of the major events. For the detailed story, see the Book of Esther and The Story of Purim




      Achashveirosh ascends the throne of Persia


      369 BCE

      Achashveirosh's 180-day feast; Queen Vashti executed


      366 BCE

      Esther becomes queen


      Tevet, 362 BCE

      Haman casts lots to choose date for Jews' annihilation


      Nissan, 357 BCE

      Royal decree ordering killing of all Jews


      Nissan 13, 357 BCE

      Mordechai calls on Jews to repent; 3-day fast ordered by Esther


      Nissan 14-16, 357 BCE

      Esther goes to Achashveirosh; hosts 1st wine party with Achashveirosh and Haman


      Nissan 16, 357 BCE

      Esther's 2nd wine party; Haman's downfall and hanging


      Nissan 17, 357 BCE

      Second decree issued by Achashveirosh, empowering the Jews to defend themselves


      Sivan 23, 357 BCE

      Battles fought throughout the empire against those seeking to kill the Jews; Haman's ten sons killed


      Adar 13, 356 BCE

      Purim celebrations everywhere, except Shushan where 2nd day of battles are fought


      Adar 14, 356 BCE

      Purim celebration in Shushan


      Adar 15, 356 BCE

      Megillah written by Esther and Mordechai; Festival of Purim instituted for all generations


      355 BCE

      On August 2, 1990, the Iraqi army under Saddam Hussein occupied Kuwait. After five weeks of heavy fighting, coalition forces succeeded in liberating Kuwait, and a ceasefire was declared on February 28, 1991, corresponding to the holiday of Purim.

      Despite threats from Saddam to bombard Israel with chemical warheads, the Lubavitcher Rebbe, R. Menachem Mendel Schneerson, stated unequivocally that "the Land of Israel is the safest place in the world," and predicted that the war would be over by Purim.

      Links: I Will Show You WondersPurim SaddamEnd the War Now!

      Laws and Customs

      Purim observances include:

      a) Reading of the Megillah (Book of Esther), which recounts the story of the Purim miracle.

      b) Giving to the poor (gifts of money should be given to at least two poor people).

      c) Sending gifts of food to friends (a minimum of two read-to-eat foods to at least one friend).

      d) The Purim feast.

      e) Reciting the Al Hanissim prayer.

      Customs include dressing up in disguising costumes and the traditional Purim food, the hamantash. For more detailed information, see links below.

      When Purim falls on Friday -- as it does this year -- all of the above should be done before Shabbat begins, 18 minutes before sunset.

      In Jerusalem and other ancient walled cities, the festival would normally be observed tomorrow Adar 15th. Because this year Adar 15 is on Shabbat, the festivals observances are spread over a three day period. The megillah is read today, and the gifts to the poor are also given. Al Hanissim is recited only on Shabbat, and the sending of food to friends and the Purim meal are done on Sunday. All three days are days of joy ansd celebration. This phenomenon is known as "The Triple Purim."

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      All Purim activities advertised on Emmanuel's this year..

      Minyan Maven App

      With the easing of COVID-19 restrictions, Minyan Maven, which lists weekday and Sunday minyanim in Melbourne, has been reactivated. Minyan Maven is a free app and may be downloaded from either the Apple Store or Google Play.


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      Suitable for women. The treatment will be in the comfort of your home, at Caulfield and surrounds, 85$ for one hour.

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      Consecration Notice: Raisa Rosenfeld a'h


      Baruch Dayan Ha'Emet - Mr. Abe Braver ע"ה

       ברוך דיין האמת

      It is with utmost sadness, we advise the passing of

      Mr. Abe Braver ע"ה

      Father of Selwyn, David and Neville

      The Levaya will be held
      today Wednesday 24 February
      at 3:00pm at Lyndhurst
      and will be streamed via the MCK website
      Shiva and Minyan details:  Please refer to the Chevra Kadisha Website.

      Hamakom Yenachem Etchem Betoch She'ar Aveilei Tzion ViYerushalayim
      המקום ינחם אתכם בתוך שאר אבלי ציון וירושלים






      Tuesday 23 February 2021

      BK WIGS coming before Pesach to CHAYI GLICK!


      SCHC - Lunch & Learn with Dr. Rodney Gouttman

      South Caulfield Hebrew Congregation -Lunch & Learn with Dr. Rodney Gouttman
      Join us for our fornightly Monday Lunch and Learn program! This week we have guest speaker Dr. Rodney Gouttman!
      Dr. Gouttman former senior academic at the University of South Australia was an adjunct research scholar in the School of Historical Studies at Monash University. His academic interests cover Australian Jewish history, contemporary anti-Semitism, Philosemitism, the history and politics of the Australia-Israel relationship, the Arab-Israel conflict, and the Jewish political tradition. He has written two books and many academic articles. His work has also appeared in various publications. Gouttman has been a visiting professor/research scholar at the University of Massachusetts, and the Hebrew, Ben Gurion, and Haifa universities in Israel.
      Monday 1 March 2021 at 12pm-1pm
      South Caulfield Hebrew Congregation
      47 Leopold St , South Caulfield


      Employment: Cheder Levi Yitzchok Teachers

      Cheder Levi Yitzchok Lower Primary Registered Teacher

      Purim 2021


      Mazaltov! Baby BOY! Goldman (Grossbaum) 👶🏻



      Osher and Chaya Goldman
      (nee Grossbaum)

      are thrilled to announce the arrival of

      A Baby BOY

      Mazaltov to the Grandparents
      Dovid Leib Grossbaum
      Miriam Grossbaum 
      Hershel & Chana Goldman 

      Details provided by family
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      Monday 22 February 2021

      Last minute Purim ideas from Banner


      Property: Pesach In Paradise

      4 Bedroom Riverfront house With huge pool close walking distance to Shule available for Pesach $750 per night + cleaning min 10 night stay - Pesach dishes available strictly kosher Le Pesach 
      Phone 0401 122 555


      Send Mishloach Manos to your friends and family in Israel!!


      Pre Purim Shiur - Jews and Other Religions - A trip through history Part 6

      Brighton Shule invites you to come and listen to our Shiur, a pre Purim Special
      "Jews and other religions - A trip through history - Living in Secret - the lives of the Marranos and coming back"
      Tuesday 23 February at 8pm
      Meeting ID - 84374134633 


      Brighton Shule's Baking Hamentaschen with the Rabbi

      Come and join Rabbi Alex and bake hamentashen
      Wednesday 24 February at 6:30 pm
      Meeting ID - 84338766045
      Biscuit hamentaschen recipe:
      2 cups margarine
      3/4 cup white sugar
      1 cup Hadar chipping cream
      6 cups plain flour
      1 tsp vanilla extract
      1 egg (optional)
      filling of your choice


      Window and gutter cleaning

      Passover is here!
      And we are offering the best prices for gutter and windows cleaning!
      Call today 0402 136 689 Simon,
      Simon's cleaning club
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      St Kilda Shule Purim Festival

      Thursday Lunch Club (TLC)

      25 February, 11am on Zoom. Rabbi Ronnie Figdor will talk to Rabbi Avihai Rahimi of Iran's Jewish community on 'From the Shushan of Persia to the Tehran of today'. Rabbi Rahimi sits on Iran's Sanhedrin Rabbinical Court, working to solve conflict between Iran and Israel by highlighting their common religious values. He also heads organisations that help students, women and families and that guide Israeli rhetoric on campus.

      Zoom: 231 792 0411 Passcode: stkilda

      In Conversation - Gett refusal

      Thursday 25 February, 7.45pm, in Shule. Co-hosted by Unchain My Heart (UMH). Purim eve, Taanit Esther, is internationally recognised as a day focused on freeing Agunot (chained women). Rabbi Glasman will have a frank and confronting conversation with UMH leaders about 'The impact of Gett refusal and how best to respond'. Panellists: Susie Ivany OAM, founder and former Chair UMH, President Jewish Care Vic; Yael Hersham, Chair UMH; Dr Ann Wollner, family lawyer, psychologist and committee member UMH.

      Bookings essential: Trybooking:

      Megillah readings

      Thursday 25 February, 8.30pm; Friday 26 February at 6.45am service and at 5pm.

      Family party

      Friday 26 February, 5.30pm-6.45pm, Shule forecourt: BBQ, silent disco, GymBus and slime party, concluding with musical Kabbalat Shabbat led by chazan Brett Kaye on Shule steps. For COVID-reasons, bookings are essential and will be capped at the first 150 people ($10 per family).



      Therapy Through Play

      Therapy Through Play now operating in Malvern. 

      Play Therapy is an evidence-based, specialised therapy that uses play to transform children's lives, in areas including:
      - Developmental disorders
      - ASD related challenges
      - Mental health issues
      - Behavioural issues 
      - Low self-esteem 
      - Social difficulties
      Ph: 0411 746 313
      Adr: 167 Wattletree Road, Malvern