Tuesday 3 May 2022

Melbourne Eruv

The recently published Kosher Australia Kosher Food Guide 5782/83 includes on page 288 a map of Melbourne Eruv boundaries as at September 2006, and an eruv hotline phone number.

Please be advised that this published map does not show the current boundary, and the eruv hotline number published is not operational.

We will be working with Kosher Australia to try to ensure that future publications show the correct map and current contact information for Melbourne Eruv.

A map of the current eruv boundary is available in the Melbourne Eruv app. This map can be zoomed in to show more detail regarding exactly which streets are inside or outside the eruv or on the eruv boundary.

To download the app, search for 'Melbourne Eruv' in the Google Play or Apple iOS iTunes app store, or use these links:
There is also a current eruv map available online at https://cosv.org.au/eruv. The map there can also be zoomed in to show more detail. For best results, view that webpage on a large screen, and click on "Toggle fullscreen view" at the top right of the map.