Thursday 17 February 2022

Request from Gorelik family

Dear Community, 

Many of you were kind enough to send us messages for Rabbi Gorelik's 70th birthday a few years ago, which we compiled into a book. We would like to expand the book in honour of his first yahrzeit.

Together with my children, I would greatly appreciate it if you could send us a message (length of your choice) telling us how you met Rabbi Gorelik, your experiences with him, how he helped you when you arrived in Australia and beyond. We would love to hear any memories and thoughts you have about him. Whatever you have to share, even if you consider it minor, would mean so much to us. 

We would like to print all the memories into a book and display it in the shule. It would be a fitting tribute to Rabbi Gorelik and his legacy.

Please send your memories to

Thank you so much in advance,

Reizl Gorelik & children