Saturday 17 September 2022

B&H Sukkot: Lulav & Esrog

Pre-order to access our high quality range of Arba Minim.
We look forward to welcoming everyone back to our MARKET-STYLE collection.
SELECT YOUR OWN set or save time and let us select for you for drive-by KERBSIDE COLLECTION.

We are pleased to confirm that we will have a mashgiach (under the hasgocho of Rav Moshe Donnebaum) present at our market-style collection in Melbourne. Unlike during COVID-19 impacted years, the mashgiach will not be checking and grading all of the Arba Minim. Rather, the mashgiach will be available to answer sheilo's and provide advice to assist people with picking their own set of Arba Minim. 

Our range includes products at 5 grades of quality, and is fully customisable to suit your minhagim and budget.


Our Arba'as HaMinim will be offered on a first come, first serve basis until sold out.
We encourage you to pre-order early to secure all of your preferences.

Whilst 5782 is a SHMITA year in Israel, we have still managed to secure a wide variety of high quality options grown in Israel by Otzar Beit Din.  

For those who prefer a NON-SHMITA esrog, we are pleased to offer the following three options from chutz la'aretz:
- Yanover (Italian) esrog
- Ordan (standard) esrog
- Moroccan tradition esrog