Wednesday 13 December 2023

Helping Israel

Dear Friends๐Ÿ’•

We have been living in Far North of Israel for 12 months in Rosh Pina๐ŸŒบ

Friends on the ground are raising desperately needed funds for 3 areas:

1. Shabbos & grocery needs for combat soldiers on the Northern border

2. Tzfas Community Security needs as police have been called up & they have greater exposed need since 7 October

3. Family basic living needs as breadwinners called up and tourism closes down (Tzfas depends on these visitors to employ everything from cleaners to artists and many others)

If you want to speak with Eliyahu direct, call him on What's App:
‪+972 53‑963‑9506‬

Tax Deduction: For Basic Needs Family Support ONLY, can use Chai/ Helping Tzfat

If you prefer, Lea & I can assist you by using our accounts in Israel, Australia, and elsewhere to move funds however first see payment options below or use CHAI link.

Thank you for your generous support
Lea & Moishe Zweier

*Frequent Questions & Some Answers Below from Eliyahu Pereira including Audio below:*

"Why do we need to feed IDF soldiers?"
"How much is needed?"
"What are we buying etc?"
See audio & written answers below…
Contact Eliyahu direct with any questions or we can do a Zoom for groups
‪+972 53‑963‑9506‬
(Eliyahu Pereira)

They feed them cold canned foods and tuna etc

There are regular soldiers on bases that get warm food and then there are combat soldiers in APCs and Tanks and tents in the field and they just get canned goods.

If you would see their faces when we show up with a warm soup in the middle of the night or a full spread for shabbat you would cry

They're not gonna starve to death eating what the IDF gives them but these are men who were living regular lives until they were drafted to reserves and some of them go days without a warm meal, without meat, without a dessert..

Yes it's war but many of the soldiers are right here and when they can get a warm meal it changes their whole reality

They feel loved and rejuvenated and able to keep going

Baruch Hashem food isn't the only need

I got a call yesterday of 100 soldiers without warm clothing..

Thermal shirts
Rain jackets

"Whoever doesn't Want to be involved in food …we definitely have what to do with their money"

๐Ÿ‘‡ Audio answer to questions below…

There are multiple ways to send

*Wise App (better than PayPal)*

PayPal account is

Israeli Bank:
Eliyahu Pereira
Leumi - 904

Please confirm how much was sent so we can keep track and leave a note on transfer for Eliyahu/Tzfat..

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