Tuesday 26 March 2024

Israel Magnets

I have created something that I would like to share with you all, and it is something I have been working on and would love all of your support on.
I have made 4 different fridge magnets, original artwork by me, for sale!
It is very hard for everyone now not to be with our families in Israel, and some of us want to do more to help but are not sure how.
These 4 fridge magnets each have a different prayer for Israel and the Jewish people. There are two purposes for these magnets:
1. All profits will be going to an organisation in Israel, so by purchasing 1 or all 4, your contribution will be helping those in need IMMENSELY (organisation to be announced soon).
2. By saying these prayers, you are speaking to Hashem and asking him for the safety of the Jewish homeland and its people.
These prayers include:
'Prayer for the State of Israel'
'Prayer for those being held in captivity'
'Prayer for the Israel Defense Forces'
'Acheinu - communal prayer for redemption and safety'
Magnets are $7.50 each, or all 4 for $25, plus postage.
Please message me to find out how to receive your magnet/s. They can be sent near or far!
Please click on the link below to put in your order and payment. 
Pre-order now and I will update you when they are on their way!