Monday 8 April 2024

CIVL Mechiras Chometz

CIVL - Sale of Chometz  - 5784/2024

The sale of Chomez ('Mechiras Chometz') is effective only if one truly commits to sell his/her Chometz in an unconditional and absolute sale. It is therefore customary to perform a Kinyan (act of acquisition) when authorising the Rav to sell the Chometz. However, this Kinyan is not an absolute requirement.

In the sale, one includes all Chometz and Chometz utensils. Since the actual location of the Chometz is leased as well, one should list the full address of each of his personal and business properties, including common-owned properties.

Anything included in Mechiras Chometz should be securely stored away before Bedikas Chometz, either by placing it in a closed area such as a closet, which should be locked or marked, or by completely barricading it with a sturdy Mechitzah [partition] at least ten Tefachim [80cm] tall. A curtain that is easily slung aside does not suffice. [When extremely necessary, one may access these areas during Pesach, but must avoid remaining there for any length of time, and must not touch the Chometz nor open any boxes containing them.]

The form must be submitted before 9:00am, Monday 22nd April 2024, after which time this online facility will expire.

The Chometz from the sale will be permitted for use once again after 6:45pm on Tuesday 30th April 2024

This online form is suitable only for people resident in Melbourne for the duration of Pesach. If one intends travelling to a different time-zone for Pesach, he should inform the Rav of his situation for further guidance.

For further information about Mechiras Chometz, or Pesach in general, please visit: (generously prepared by RabbI Shmuel Lesches, Rabbi of Young Yeshivah)


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