Thursday 18 April 2024

NEW TIME: Pesach's KLP kashering on Ercildoune & Biur Chametz 🔥

KLP Kashering
Friday 19 Apr, 8:30am–10:30am 
(no latecomers sorry,  I have to rush off to a job)
53 Ercildoune St, Caulfield North 
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Pots with libun
Cutlery & silverware with hagolo
All utensils must be sparkling clean, no brown patches. Scrub, clean & rinse thoroughly. No teflon utensils. Hagolo items must not have been used for 24hrs.
Pesach 0413055718

BIUR CHAMETZ on Ercildoune 
Monday 22 Apr • 9:00am–11:23am  
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