Friday 27 October 2023


Dear friends and loyal supporters,
Our community world-wide is navigating through the mostdifficult times in our collective memories.
Due to the war in Israel, global rise in antisemitism and increased cost of living, devastatingly, many kosher hospitality establishments are struggling to make ends meetand are being forced to shut their doors. 
Heartbreakingly, Souper Bistro is no exception. 
Mimicking Golda Meir's famous sentiment: we have no choice; we have to survive!
And because, Souper is, foremost, a charitable organisation, designed to fight food insecurity within our community, we are not giving up on our most vulnerable people and mustcontinue to provide free, kosher food hampers to 1000s of people each month. Among the people we support are victims of abuse, isolated elderly, refugees, Holocaust survivors, those in financial need and anyone experiencing food insecurity.
Souper Bistro is a social enterprise, with all profits going towards the Souper food security work. While we are grateful for grants and philanthropic support we receive, we operate predominantly with profits that Souper Bistro generates to runthe Souper food security programs. 
So today, we humbly ask for your help and support. And while we understand that many of you are preferring to stay in the safety of their home rather than go out, it breaks our hearts to see the dramatic drop in customers at our beloved Souper Bistro.
Each time you consider eating out, ordering takeaway or require business or personal catering, we ask that you do this with Souper. 
We would also be very grateful for any donation that you care to make to our charitable work. You can make a tax deductable donation by visiting:
We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 
Yours in gratitude,

Souper Bistro
208 Balaclava Rd, Caulfield North
New hours:
Tue-Thu: 12pm-7pm (open till 9pm when there are dinner bookings)
Fri: 10am-4 pm
Orders and bookings: P: 03 8596 8106
• All donations over $2 are tax deductible.
• Souper is a registered tax-deductible charity (with DGR status).
• Souper is a Public Benevolent Institution (endorsed by ACNC).
• Souper is annually audited by independent accountants/auditor.