Saturday 21 October 2023

Invitation - Weekly Women's Zoom Shiur 22OCT23

Shiur Invitation


You are invited to join our interactive women's study group exploring foundations of Judaism.

The Chagim calendar this year meant that there were no shiurim on Sundays to prepare for the Chagim after Yom Kippur.
There was a tradition in many European synagogues to announce after Ma'ariv following Simchat Torah and Shabbat Bereishit -
"V'Yaakov halach ledarko"
 - which enjoined us to take the many lessons and inspirations from the Chagim into daily life in the year ahead.
In the spirit of collecting lessons from the Chagim to infuse our lives going forward, I have dedicated the next five shiurim to inspirations from the festivals which we didn't explore in our shiur. Below are the forthcoming shiurim up until Chanukah.

15th October - Insights into Sukkot, Part 1
22nd October - Insights into Sukkot, Part 2
29th October - Insights into Hashana Rabba
5th November - Insights into Shmini Atzeret
12th November - Insights into Simchat Torah
19th November - Insights into Chanukah, Part 1
26th November - Insights into Chanukah, Part 2
3rd December - Insights into Chanukah (begins Thursday), Part 3

Therefore, this week, we will be exploring 'Insights into Sukkot, Part 2.'

When: Sunday 22nd October 2023
Time: 6pm-7pm

Speaker: Zipporah Oliver O.A.M.
In memory of Mrs Raizl Cylich OBM  

Please join on Zoom:
Meeting ID: 874 8671 8144
Passcode: 613770  

Enquiries: 0438-345-770  

I look forward to seeing you then!
Warmest regards,

Zipporah Oliver O.A.M.
Registered Psychologist
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