Tuesday 1 March 2022

Beit Rafael Raffle Information

Dear Friends,
Incredibly, Beit Rafael is celebrating its 10-year anniversary this year.
From the first apartment hosting its first guests on February 22, 2012, Beit Rafael now proudly provides accommodation near hospitals in four Melbourne locations.
Whilst having any member of a family suffering ill health is a trauma, perhaps none more than having a child unwell and for this reason we will be marking this wonderful milestone with some serious fundraising to purchase an apartment by the Royal Children's Hospital, as currently the apartment is rented.
Please consider supporting Beit Rafael in reaching this goal.
This year, with gratitude to our generous Sponsors and Donors, we offer two prize packages. The price per ticket is $18 and the Raffle will be drawn on March 18.
If you would like to purchase tickets, please call us on 0421 408 522 or email admin@beitrafael.org.
Please see the flier for a full list of prizes and sponsors.
We thank you for your support, in advance.
Beit Rafael | Here For You