Tuesday 16 August 2022

Cheder Levi Yitzchok fundraiser

Cheder & Bnos Chana: Educating the Rebbe's children

In 1951 the Rebbe invited his Chassidim to join him in a quest for world transformation. To accomplish this lofty purpose the Rebbe prescribed a particular type of education for his children – chinuch al taharas ha kodesh.

This is the mission of the Cheder.

Your donation to the Cheder & Bnos Chana campaign, will go to the school's Scholarship Fund, to assist families who wish for their children to receive a dedicated, chassidishe education.

Each dollar donated will be doubled by matcher contributions, up to the amount of $450,000. Any donations received beyond that amount will not be matched, but very gratefully received.

Please support this worthy cause and donate at: https://charidy.com/cly/Tenenboim

Thank you for your support.