Tuesday 31 January 2023

Bonei Olam Australia 2023

The Bonei Olam Auction is drawing soon...

By donating through the pages listed below, these funds will be earmarked to couples experiencing infertility in our community here in Melbourne. 

Every donation large or small counts and will make a difference...

Many great prizes!
Plus, you'll get a super special deal -
- $35-$50: Receive a bonus $15 in tickets
- $50-$100: DOUBLE tickets
- $100-$500: TRIPLE tickets
- $500 & UP: QUADRUPLE tickets
(Note: Jackpot & Super Jackpot are not included)
Deadline for these auction specials is Feb 6th.

Note: FREE GIFTS for Australian donors - as per flyer below - please notify us of your choice.

All donations are in USD and tax deductible receipts can be organised on request.

Please contact:
Baila Cyprys 0415 795 675
Nechama Gittleman 0404 626 691
Dvori Rosenbaum 0400 640 124

Thanks so much!
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