Wednesday 3 June 2020


Saver Plus is a free ten-month program that provides financial education to help build essential skills for managing money and becoming a regular saver. If eligible, participants who complete the program will have their savings matched (up to $500) for education-related expenses for you or your children.

You can spend your matched savings on barmi lessons, Hebrew lessons, bnei mitzvah programs, holiday camps, school uniforms, laptops, excursions, sporting equipment – the list goes on!

Recently the Saver Plus eligibility criteria has been broadened to include Single Parent families who receive Child Support and those on JobKeeper, which can be considered as the regular income required to join the program.

Also to help make life easier and keep everyone safe, Signups and Workshops are now also online.

For enquiries, further information or to discuss your eligibility, please either call this number: contact Saver Plus on 1300 610 355  or follow the online Expression of Interest form  complete this online form.