Monday 22 June 2020

Massive Live event starting 11:30am today on TorahAnytime

Join us! TorahAnytime is putting on an incredible event right now and they need our help!

All funds will be matched throughout the next 24 hours, so let's show them our appreciation for the great work they do and help them continue!

We have undertaken to help them raise $20,000, and I know with your help, we can reach that goal!

Also, check out their amazing programming, filled with an all-star lineup of speakers and singers! 

Don't miss out! Watch LIVE from 11:30am Monday Melbourne time at 
Main event at 6pm Melbourne time 

Would you like to share the reward of 10 Million hours a Year of TorahAnytime Being Learned? 

Donate NOW to the Melbourne TorahAnytime campaign 

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תזכה למצוות!

Thank you!

Team Melbourne