Friday 12 June 2020

St Kilda Shule events this Shabbat

St Kilda Shule has a feast of pre- and post-Shabbat online presentations on Facebook as well as Shabbat services at shule. 

• Friday June 12, Chazzan Brett Kaye leads a pre-Shabbat singalong at 3.45pm (; 

   • 4.20pm we host Kabbalat Shabbat with Rabbi Glasman, Rabbi Nagel and Chazzan Kaye (; 

   • 5.30pm, we have a Kabbalat Shabbat shule service (by pre-registration only with Harold Sternfeld on 0422 369 963; 

• There is also a Shabbat shule service, Saturday June 13, 9am (by pre-registration only with Harold Sternfeld 0422 369 963; 

• Chazzan Kaye is back on Facebook to lead Havdalah, 20 mins after Shabbat concludes (