Sunday 10 July 2022

Birth Announcement- Fetter/Fromowitz 👶🏻

Mazel Tov to

Pessia (nee Fetter) and Michael Fromowitz (New York)

on the birth of their baby girl,

Adina Maya 


A warm Mazel tov to the grandparents

Simcha ע״ה and Leah שתח׳ Fetter (Melbourne)

Rabbi Yaakov Yosef and Rebbitzen Tziporah Fromowitz (New Square, NY)

 and also a warm Mazel tov to the great-grandparents

Dr Leroy & Sue Miller (San Diego, California)

Rabbi Shlomo Zalman and Rebbitzen Sura Blima Fromowitz (New Square, NY)

Mrs. Leah Apter (New Square, NY