Thursday 4 July 2024

Charidy עם ישראל חי- ינון אזוגי. תודה רבה

Hi, A month ago, we lost a paratrooper, our dear son our brother, our grandson , Yedidya Azougi HY"D, who fell in Gaza during combat. We decided to launch a memorial project with the family, entirely in memory of Didi – *a memorial park in the Revava settlement in the Shomron*. Didi loved the nature and the Shomron, and not only that it's a great way to cherish his memory, this project also helps strengthen our connection, and develop the lands in our beloved Country's heartland of which we are fighting for. To do this in the best possible way, *we need all עם ישראל!* We have launched a large fundraising campaign and would appreciate it if you could donate any amount that suits you to help us with this project! Attached is a link where you can enter and donate. *Let's do this together!* The donation is taxable. On the recommendation of Rabbi Dudi, the rabbi of the community Appreciate it very much, Yinon Azougi.