Saturday 9 May 2020

18for18 Lag Bomer event

Dear Members of the Melbourne Jewish community and the Australian Jewish Community at large,
History will be made this Lag Ba'Omer across Australia and New Zealand and we want you to be part of it!
Next Monday evening (11th of May) , despite living in times of social distancing, our vision is to unite:
18,000 people for
18 epic minutes on the
18th of Iyar!
 At 18:00 (6pm)
At this milestone moment, Jews from both sides of the Tasman will be tuning in to participate in a project of Jewish unity, pride and music.
There will be short, meaningful messages from dignitaries including the Chief Rabbi of the United Kingdom and Commonwealth, along with those from Israel, South Africa and Russia.
As a Jewish people we are so connected - Am Echad b'Lev Echad – One People, One Heart!
To date, over 70 Jewish organisations are currently involved and we would love to get you to join!
Time is of the essence -
Please see the Facebook link, website ( and share today. 
In addition, please promote this amongst all your family and friends!
We can't wait – let us know if you are in!
For further information, please visit
Warm regards,
Members of the 18for18 planning committee.