Sunday 3 April 2022

New Lower Minimums: TDS KLP CHEESE ORDER FORM R3.docx

Food & Beverage Supplies Wholesale & Direct To Public OPEN throughout the holidays!!!
**T.D.S. Pty Ltd - Food & Beverage Supplies Distribution**
Supplier to Retail; Caterers; Schools; Restaurants; Camp Sites; Clubs; etc...
Mobile: 0407-125-114 Email:
Products Including:-
New Lower Minimums - Dairy Cheeses CHY For Passover
Cheddar Block & Slices (12x200g)
Tasty Block & Slices (12x200g)
Smoked Block & Slices (12x200g)
Feta (12x200g)
Parmesan (18x126g)
Cheddar Cheese Shred (2x5Kg per Carton)
Cheese Block (4x3Kg)
• Vegan - Non Dairy Cheeses
**• V-Bites Mozzarella - Non Dairy Pizza Cheese**
NEW: Vege-Burgers (Tastes More Like Beef)
Vege-Mince; Vege-Chicken Nuggets & Vege-Hotdogs
**• Smoked Salmon from Norway "AAA Grade Norwegian Salmon Pieces"
**• "Potato Perfection" Dutch Chips (15Kg per Box)**
(Available In: 10mm; 7mm & Steak Cut)
**• Pre-packed Avocado Dips: **
Guacamole(500gm); Australian Avocado Pulp (500gm) Also Mango Pulp (1 Kg)
**• Mission Corn Nachos & Taco Range:**
Taco Shells; Nachos Corn Chips (Triangle & Round)
* **Snack Foods Gluten Free:**
Trigz Corn Based Chips (From S.A.)
RiceUp Rice Based Chips (From Bulgaria)
* **Prepear** The Hangover Preventative
The Natural Pear Based Drinking Solution (Australian Made)